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vegan dog food

When A Dog Pees A Lot — When To Worry And What To Do

Does your dog go outside to pee more frequently than normal? Frequent urination can be a red flag indicating the presence of abnormalities or medical problems that warrant prompt veterinary attention. Excessive urination in dogs may also cause them to start leaving puddles inside the house even when they’re well house trained. The medical termContinue reading “When A Dog Pees A Lot — When To Worry And What To Do”

vegan dog food

Natural Antibiotics For Dogs

Antibiotics offer several benefits to dogs but they are known to cause adverse side effects such as the destruction of the beneficial bacteria in the gut and an increase in antibiotic resistance in animals. Also, some experts believe that using antibiotics can suppress the symptoms of dogs that are ill. Yes, it can temporarily resolveContinue reading “Natural Antibiotics For Dogs”

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