Ear Mites In Dogs: Cause, Symptoms, And Treatment

Ear mites are one of the most common external parasites in dogs, next to fleas and ticks. These insect parasites look lice ticks or little spiders but they are barely visible to the naked eye. They thrive on the wax and oils that are present on the dog’s ears. Mites on dogs are very contagiousContinue reading “Ear Mites In Dogs: Cause, Symptoms, And Treatment”

Why is my dog drinking a lot of water?

Water is essential for life, for our dogs as well as for us. But if you notice your dog drinking lots of water suddenly, should you be concerned? Could your pet’s excessive thirst be a sign of a serious health problem? In some cases, the answer is no. There are plenty of simple, relatively harmlessContinue reading “Why is my dog drinking a lot of water?”

Can Dogs Eat Cherries?

The most obvious hazard of eating cherries is the pit, which can cause intestinal blockages when ingested. This can mean serious health issues for your pup, and some potentially expensive vet bills for you. But there’s also a hidden danger that many dog owners aren’t aware of: cherry pits, stems, and leaves all contain cyanide. If it’s consumed in large quantities, cyanide is toxic to dogs.